Addiction and online gambling game

How can you become addict to gambling game such as online poker or other? Psychologist defines players in a few categories. You can play poker , blackjack or video game; it is quite easy to become addict to it.
You have the occasional player: this one doesn’t play quite often, when he plays it is just for a few hours and probably less and it is once a week something like that. You have the player who plays quite often: this on play quite often and it can be a lot of hours a day but he can also stop playing for a week. He doesn’t need to play every day.
You have the dependant player. The game is like a need. Every day he has to play it but also he still has a link with the rest of the world And finally you have the extreme player: he needs to play every day and if he can’t he can become just crazy. He doesn’t talk anymore with the rest of the world and want to play that all.

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