An online casino is the name given to web portals of games of chance accessible via internet (also called internet casino) and which offer the different card games and traditional slot machines, in digital format. Indeed, who would have believed! In the past, no one thought that chance and the same probabilities that a physical game could one day be digitized and translated into virtual games.
In France, the legislation that governs online casinos derives from that which applies to physical casinos. So, open an online casinorequires an authorization from the Ministry of the Interior and it must simply be installed and accessible only in a spa, seaside or climate resort or a tourist town with more than 500,000 inhabitants. Due to the very limited nature of casino activity, an online casino open to the public via the internet is therefore prohibited. In addition, the country has a law that grants the monopoly on gambling, thus prohibiting unauthorized bets. Countries like Italy, the United States, the Netherlands, … do not allow the legality of internet casinos either. However, in Canada, Australia, Costa Rica, Antigua, Belize or the islands of St. Kitts and Nevis, … their implementation is completely legal. As a pursuit to cybercasinos, the courts of the countries that prohibit the exercise on their territory of online casinos most often request the filtration of their customers. And lawmakers in the United States are looking today at a text, aimed at involving bankers in defending them transfers for bets to the site ofonline casino . But in Europe, the demands of physical casinos to legalize online gambling sites are currently under study.

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