They are about 40 to be involved in a case of illegal gambling. One might think of a highly organized network since it has been going on for years and is a criminal that no one would like to cross.

Yet the case is not trivial and it happens in Europe and more particularly in Cyprus. These 40 people are all grannies, the youngest is 70 years old and the eldest 98 years old who gather every month for a game of poker at a penny ante to enjoy their retirement but also to keep their minds and their memory alive.

The Associated Press reported this sad story on Thursday, March 1st, 2012.

Everything starts in November 2009, grannies compete each week their game of poker and bridge when disturbed by a descent of the Cypriot police.

Most grannies are frightened and some even try to run away not realizing what is happening. Identities are raised and grannies everything seems to be in order but two years later is the cold shower because all grannies are summoned to court to appear before a judge. 2 grannies will miss even the judgment having died since these 2 years.

Each of them incurs however 6 months of prison or a fine of 750 € but the Prosecutor has already declared that the charges could be soon abandoned.

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